Huh? Ivanka Trump Praises Alt-Left Protest Mob Who Threw P*ss Bottles at Police and Beat Old Ladies

On Saturday thousands of alt-left protesters marched in Boston against Free Speech.

Dozens of alt-Left protesters attacked the Boston police.

The Alt-left mobs attacked the police.

The violent protesters beat free speech advocates.


The protesters also attacked the police with bottles of piss.

One woman was caught on tape screaming at a black police officers,

“Stupid ass black b*tch! You’re supposed to be on our side, b*tch!”

A Trump supporter in an Israeli flag was harrassed, attacked and threatened.
Protesters screamed at him to, “Get the f*ck out of Boston!”

President Trump tweeted out on the violence by the alt-left

But the president’s daughter played social justice warrior and praised the far left mob for confronting free speech advocates?

Ivanka Trump is a lovely young woman but she ought to do a little more research before she starts praising violent anti-free speech thugs.

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