HORROR! Thugs Bully and Brutally Beat Massachusetts Teens Out Enjoying Boardwalk (VIDEO)

HORROR! Thugs Bully and Brutally Beat Quincy Teens — Who Were Enjoying the Boardwalk in Marina Bay in Quincy

A group of white kids were just hanging out at the Marina near Quincy, Massachusetts when the gang of minority youths approached them.

That’s when the thugs beat the hell out of the young kids.

The criminal mob beat the kids and kicked them on the ground.


They kicked them in the head and mobbed up on them.

Some other kid came over and rescued the younger boys from the mob.

This will make your stomach churn.

Boston 25 reported on the story but blocked out the faces to PROTECT THE THUGS because of their ages.

Video showing a group of teenagers brutally attacking another in Quincy is extremely graphic and hard to watch, but police are hoping the images can be used to identify those behind the assault.

The attack on a group of teens by the other group was recorded on a cell phone, and police said it’s a critical clue to help find those responsible.

Boston 25 News blurred out the faces of those responsible because of their ages.

The attack was reported around 5 p.m. on a dock near Marina Bay and appears to show a group of boys that are surrounded by another group, and they begin to taunt them and use inappropriate language.

That’s when the hitting begins.

When the boys try to walk away, that’s when one of them was thrown to the ground. As he cowers on the pier trying to protect himself, he is then kicked and punched by another teen.

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