Hmm… Far Left ADL, Media Matters, Van Jones, NBC and CNN Hacks, Top #NeverTrumpers ALL DEFEND HR McMaster

The #NeverTrumpers, far left media hacks and far left Soros-connected left-wing organizations are ALL defending Gen. McMaster tonight.


As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier — The far left ADL appointed itself “Enforcer” against critics of H.R. McMaster… who is anti-Israel!

Prominent #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol also defended McMaster today and blamed Russian propaganda for the attacks on the National Security Adviser.

Trump-basher Rick Wilson also defended McMaster.


CNN’s Jake Tapper attacked McMaster critics and accused them of being racists.

Van Jones…

Far left NBC hack Joy Reid defended McMaster.

Obama official Colin Kahl.

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