Grassroots Journalism: Help The Gateway Pundit Compile A List of Alt-Left Figures & Media!

The rise of militant socialist and anarchist groups in America has previously not only been ignored by left-wing figures and media, but it has been applauded. CNN has long been a perpetrator of fake news and leftist propaganda, just recently having proclaimed that the violent anarchist group ANTIFA “seeks peace through violence.”

Well, much of that is changing. Since the Gateway Pundit published our highly-cited “Beginner’s Guide To Alt-Left Groups: Get To Know America’s Anti-Intellectual Domestic Terrorists“, followed by the Berkeley riots that took place this weekend which involved countless innocent civilians and Trump supporters being brutally attacked by Alt-left groups, some in the media are finally starting to get a clue.

We are not at a juncture where some far left news organizations are finally wisening up. The San Francisco Gate remarked, “Masked anarchists violently rout right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley.” The almost always reactionary Washington Post *actually* acknowledged, “Black-clad Antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley.” Even the Los Angeles Times has come out to say “Violence by far-left protesters in Berkeley sparks alarm.”


Well, some but not everyone. Many are still not only applauding the Alt-left but joining. They are writing articles that encourage violence against Trump supporters, they are starting radical and reactionary movements on campuses that only serve to villainize people of differing opinion. Many of these people are trying to mainstream their anti-white, anti-Semitic, and anti-America ideas.

Well, we decided to take note of their tactics (remember the ADL list?) – NOW we are working on our own list of the worst offenders. YOU CAN HELP


-Please comment below names of people in media who are calling for violence against peaceful American citizens, names of people running these violent Alt-Left groups, names of organizations that support them. Include your reasons for their inclusion.

-Upvoted names will have a better chance of inclusion.

-All individuals have to be somewhat public/have been in or are on media – unless they are leaders of the violent Alt-left movements who are trying to stay anonymous, we have no problem outing them. Examples would include: Shaun King, Jesse Arreguin, Yvette Felarca.

-this week the working list of these individuals who are trying to nurture the destruction of our country will be published, share this article and let’s get as much input as possible. This is a research project that will take all of you if it is to be the best out there. So far this has not been attempted, let’s give it a go.

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