Former Trump Assistant Threatens Matt Drudge with Serious Consequences If He Continues ‘Jihad’ Against Steve Bannon

Former Donald Trump assistant and political consultant Sam Nunberg went off on H. R. McMaster and Matt Drudge Sunday in an interview with The Daily Caller.

Numberg was particularly upset with The Drudge Report’s recent attacks on Chief Trump Strategist Steve Bannon.

Nunberg threatened Matt Drudge with “serious fooking consequences” if he continues his “jihad” against Steve Bannon.

Nunberg told The Daily Caller that he was “very perturbed” by the Axios story and tied in Bannon’s reported downfall to the Drudge Report, which continues to link to stories that are negative to the White House chief strategist.

“Matt should go back into his hobble hole in Miami and listen to techno,” the former Trump campaign adviser said. “Matt should understand that people like me can blow him the fook up. F-o-o-k, Conor McGregor. Blow him the fook up [sic].” (Nunberg was referencing Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor, who pronounces “fuck” as “fook.”)

Drudge has not made it known why he doesn’t favor Bannon on his site. However, he has previously suspected Bannon of leaking in an email reviewed by TheDC, and he is known to link to articles that paint reported Bannon foe Jared Kushner in a positive light.

“Matt should understand there will be serious fucking consequences if he continues this jihad against Steve Bannon,” Nunberg told TheDC. “I was somebody with [Trump] for four and half fucking years who understood and came up with a formula to win…Matt Drudge is somebody who wants web traffic.”…

Tonight The Gateway Pundit reached out to Sam Nunberg for further comment.

Sam Nunberg told The Gateway Pundit H.R. McMaster and General Kelly’s agenda was not what the voters wanted when they voted for President Trump last fall. Nunberg believes Steve Bannon has an understanding of the Trump voter and the president’s promises to America and losing Bannon would be a huge blow to the Trump administration. Sam is concerned without Steve Bannon the Trump agenda will go nowhere.

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