FLASHBACK: Trump Condemns David Duke Calling Him a “Bigot”, a “Racist”, a “Problem” (VIDEO)

Following the Charlottesville incident, President Trump seemed to be one of the only figures in the country condemning both sides for their displays of violence and bigotry.

Trump waited until the dust settled and condemned both sides, as both sides warrant condemnation in this situation: from the white supremacists, to the black supremacists, to the Communists, to Antifa, the situation was hardly one-sided.

When the car crashed into the crowd of people, it was not clear who exactly was behind the attack, no one could determine which group, if either, was responsible.

David Duke attempted to link Trump to the bigotry and hatred that was present in Charlottesville, however, it would be a far cry to say that the President is in any way happy with or affiliated with Duke or those he associates with, and to say so is to insult the President and his supporters.

Despite the world’s utter lack of an attention span, and seeming lack of ability to do any substantive research, President Trump, back when he was dropping out of the Reform Party primary in 2000, condemned David Duke.

When pressed by Matt Lauer on why he saw the Reform Party as self-destructing, Trump commented:

“Well, you’ve got David Duke just joined, a bigot, a racist, a problem, I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party.”

Watch Trump speak with Lauer below:

The President has since fully and formally condemned the white nationalist/supremacist movement that surged to create chaos in Charlottesville.


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