FARAGE: Left-Wing Fascism Being Ignored By Many for ‘Political Gain’ (VIDEO)

British political icon, Brexit hero, and UKIP rebel rouser Nigel Farage commented on his LBC radio program that “violent, intolerant fascism” is occurring on the left and no one is saying anything all for political gain.

Farage stated the following on his LBC radio program Wednesday:

“Can I just say this? The idea that an organization that calls itself ‘anti-fascist’, ‘against fascism’, that professes itself to be for ‘love’, and ‘hope’, and ‘optimism’ in my personal experience, over the course of the last few years, many people in those groups I have personally seen are some of the most unpleasant and violent people I’ve ever seen. There is a very hard-left, intolerant fascism that occurs on the left, as well as those on issues of race or religion on the far-right.”

Guerrilla journalist Jack Posobiec began tweeting out instances of left-wing violence and violence sparked by Antifa over the last few days, and for reference points, here are some of those tweets:

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