Far left ABC News Hack Continues to Bash US Christians – Excuse Islamic Violence

In May ABC Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd posted a shockingly ignorant tweet defending radical Islam and trashing Christians in America.

Dowd claimed Muslims in America a “bigger problem” than the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

The ABC analyst was responding to a tweet by Shannon Bream at FOX News who was excited to announce her interview with Franklin Graham on Friday.

Dowd’s tweet is still up.

On Wednesday Matthew Dowd was back at it.
Dowd compared radical Islam to Christian fundamentalism.

This was completely unhinged.

Last week alone — The Religion of Peace reported that 226 people were killed in 43 Islamic Jihad attacks in 16 countries.

There were no innocent civilians murdered in the name of Christ last week.

For the record –Dowd HATES Donald Trump, too.

Dowd is just one example of the kind of people pretending to be non-biased journalists in the mainstream media world.

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