Factory Worker GOES OFF on Paul Ryan: “We Have Majority… And it Feels Like Nothing Is Getting Done” (VIDEO)

Speaker Paul Ryan spent some time in his home district in Wisconsin this weekend.

House lawmakers are on a month-long vacation after getting essentially nothing done in the first seven months of the year.

They will go back to work… in September.

During a visit to a local factory Paul Ryan got an earful from a disgruntled Republican voter.

Worker Keith Ketzler: For eight horrible years I heard, ‘We don’t have control of the House. We don’t have control of the senate. We don’t have the presidency and when we get in we got a plan and we’re going to change stuff.” Well I tell you what, you’re in there now and all I see is infighting. It’s very dysfunctional.

It feels like nothing is getting done because nothing is getting done.

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