SHOCKING! Jake Tapper Calls on FBI to Investigate McMaster Critics — Lee Stranahan Responds (Video)

Absolutely Stunning!

On Friday CNN host Jake Tapper called on the FBI to launch an investigation on those individuals and websites who are calling for Trump National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster to step down.

Tapper wants the FBI to investigate McMaster Critics!

Jake Tapper: I do think it’s an open question the FBI is investigating interference in the US election. Should the FBI also be investigating who is behind this campaign to go after McMaster. We know of at least one person employed by Sputnik News who is employed by the Russian government who is doing it.

Jake Tapper singled out Lee Stranahan of Sputnik News specifically.

Since when did CNN start defending Trump officials from their critics?
And why is the left so obviously upset about losing H. R. McMaster in the White House?

This evening, Lee Stranahan sent his response to Tapper’s outrageous accusations to The Gateway Pundit.

Lee challenged Tapper to have him on CNN to discuss his outlandish comments.

Lee Stranahan:

The decline of Tapper’s journalistic integrity has been a sad sight to behold. Once, Jake was like a refreshing voice in the wilderness for the mainstream media. However since the rise of Donald Trump and the populist movement, and under what I’m sure is pressure from CNN, Tapper has become nothing more than a typical establishment journalist who cherry-picks details and stories in an attempt to produce an establishment-friendly narrative.

His attack on me is both factually wrong and cowardly.
I have been very open about working for Sputnik since the moment my hiring was announced and although the outlet receives public funding from Russia, there has been no attempt by anyone there to influence my views either generally or when it comes to individual points.

Specifically on the issue of the firing of H.R. McMaster, my producer and I have never discussed it, nor have I discussed it with any other employee of Sputnik. The decision to call for his firing is based on my very clear record of concerns about people diluting the Trump agenda and about those associated with Hungarian billionaire George Soros.

Furthermore, Tapper never mentions that the cohost of my show Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan, Garland Nixon, argued AGAINST the firing of McMaster when we discussed it on our show about 10 days ago.

What Jake is doing is especially shameful as a journalist: he is trying to intimidate me into shutting up. But anyone who knows anything about my 10 years as a journalist, or about my friendship with the late Andrew Breitbart, will understand one thing about me: I won’t shut up, ever.

I have challenged Tapper on Twitter to have me on his show to answer his accusations, and I hope that as a journalist and a believer in the First Amendment he takes me up on it.

This was a new low for CNN’s Jake Tapper.

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