Entire Fed Dept. Resigns in Protest of Trump=> #FakeNews Media Forgets to Mention It Was Created by Obama, Had Not Met This Year

The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities made headlines last week when they very publicly resigned in mass protest over President Trump’s “racist” comments on the Charlottesville riots.

President Trump correctly put blame on antifa terrorists who clashed with the neo-Nazi group on the ground.

Far left comedian Kal Penn posted the committee’s resignation letter last week.

The far left hacks on the committee even used the letter to attempt one last creative swipe at the president, using the first letter of each paragraph to spell out “RESIST”.

But if you ready beyond the headline you would have discovered this:

The Trump White House had already decided against renewing the advisory committee for budgetary reasons.

And then there was this:

But what Penn left out of both the letter and his comments is the fact that the 17-member committee had been created by President Barack Obama and had not yet even met with Trump.

The far left media pumped this story with screaming headlines — but you had to read the fine print to find out the rest of the story.
This is why they are called the #FakeNews media.

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