Don’t Mess With Texas! Houston Police Chief Warns Looters They Are Totally Screwed

As the saying goes, “don’t mess with Texas.”

During a press conference Tuesday, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo warned looters will receive “the toughest sentence that you can possibly get.”

New York Post reports:

Houston’s police chief has a message for looters: We will catch you — and make you pay.

“We’re going to urge juries and judges to give you the most, the toughest sentence that you can possibly get,” said Chief Art Acevedo at a press conference Tuesday.

“We’re going to push hard so that you don’t see the sunlight anytime soon.”

He said cops already caught some armed robbers Monday night taking advantage of Tropical Storm Harvey.

As The Gateway Pundit reported Monday, security footage has emerged from an unnamed store in Houston being robbed blind by looters amid historic flooding.

ABC13 Houston reports:


As the sun rose over Houston this morning, police went to work to rescue victims of the flash flood emergency that left thousands of people stuck inside their flooded homes.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told GMA that officers completed more than 2,000 rescue missions this weekend after Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the central Texas coast.

Harvey, since downgraded to a tropical storm, dumped catastrophic amounts of rain on Houston beginning Saturday, leaving thousands of drivers stranded and many more homes flooded out.

“I’m happy to report we’re down to about 250 folks that are still waiting for rescues or locations,” Acevedo said. “We’ve made some great progress, and we’re just really grateful that despite the power of this storm, we haven’t had more loss of life.”

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