Donald Trump Jr Breaks His Silence, Slams the Media Attacks on POTUS Following Charlottesville Violence

As TGP previously reported, throughout the weekend, MSM outlets relentlessly attacked the President for not properly “naming” and “condemning” the white nationalist groups who took place in the Charlottesville rally on Saturday. The BBC snakily commented, “Why Trump’s reactions to N Korea and Charlottesville are no surprise“, Maxine Waters started shouting that “The White House is now ‘the White Supremacists’ House”, and New Republic claimed “Donald Trump, Neo-Nazi Recruiter-in-Chief“.

No matter how many times President Trump condemns racists, KKK, Nazi’s, David Duke, the fake news media will criticize him for his tone, how quickly or how slowly he made his speech, where he is, what color his tie is, etc. It is impossible to please the media because they are out to destroy Trump.

The media completely ignores the violence coming from Black Lives Matter terrorists, Antifa terrorists and Islamic terrorists, yet condemns all Trump supporters as white supremacists when an infinitesimal faction share those extreme views.


Donald Trump Jr., who is normally a prolific tweeter recently took a break from Twitter. He broke his silence Monday on Twitter and slammed the fake news media. In his first tweet, he responded to ‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams, a vocal Trump supporter, who tweeted, “Now we begin the “Was it heartfelt enough?” phase, along with “Why did he NOT mention group X, Y, Z?” (See the problem yet?)”.

Donald Trump Jr. replied, “Unfortunately, it will never be enough. That is the sad reality of the game today.”

Donald Trump Jr. then followed up with, “There is no right answer/response only a moving goal line that can never be reached.”

Jr. also retweeted Gov. Mike Huckabee who slammed the media bias as well, “ couldn’t be more explicit in condemning racist thugs. Will critics be satisfied? Of course not! They can’t see past THEIR hate!”

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