#NeverTrumper Gasparino Says “Neo-Nazis, Klansmen” Make Up Trump’s Margin of Victory

#NeverTrumper Charlie Gasparino Says White Supremacists Make Significant Portion of Trump Supporters

AGAIN — Never Trust a NeverTrumper — They will turn on President Trump on a dime. They are as bad as Democrats.
They still hold a tremendous amount of rage that Americans rejected their failed ideas.

Charlie Gasparino is a huge Donald Trump critic. On Saturday President Trump condemned the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia after rioting and clashes took place between neo-Nazis and antifa leftists. One woman was killed when a white supremacist ran over a group of leftists. The media immediately attacked Trump for including the leftist violence in his statement. The left does not typically report on far left violence although it is pervasive in today’s America. The #NeverTrumpers soon joined the left in condemning Trump after the rioting and attacks.

Charlie Gasparino: I really think that Donald Trump really believes that these sort of far right people who are a coalition of uber-nationalists, neo-Nazis, klansmen that they are a margin of victory in his coalition.

This guy spouts off unconfirmed nonsense like this and claims he’s a Republican?


Via Cavuto Coast to Coast:

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