Dem Louisiana Gov. Praises POTUS Trump’s Response To Hurricane Harvey on CNN (VIDEO)

If you were told CNN would air a segment featuring a Democrat praising President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey, would you believe it?

Seeing is believing. During an appearance with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said the following about President Trump’s response concerning Hurricane Harvey:

GOV. EDWARDS: “Well, first of all, let me tell you, the federal government has been excellent. The President has called twice. He’s signed the declaration we requested within a few hours of our making the request on Sunday evening. Acting secretary of homeland security Duke has been wonderful and FEMA administrator Brock has been great as well.”

According to Louisiana media reports, President Trump was in planning mode days before Hurricane Harvey hit, having called Gov. Edwards to discuss preparations.

NOLA reported:

President Donald Trump called Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Thursday (Aug. 24) to check on preparations for Hurricane Harvey. Edwards said he appreciated the call and the president’s concern, and that FEMA had been particularly responsive to Louisiana’s requests.

“He wanted to make sure that any requests for assistance from the federal government were being met,” Edwards said of Trump.

Edwards disclosed the presidential call during his Harvey briefing Friday afternoon. He didn’t have much new information on how the storm might affect Louisiana. Harvey was expected to make landfall on the Texas coast early Saturday, causing devastating flooding there.

“Obviously, we are going to be the best neighbor that we can be as they evacuate,” Edwards said. He said he told Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday that Louisiana would be willing to provide personnel and supplies if needed.

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