Cultural Revolution Update: University Marching Band Will No Longer Play State Song Because It’s Racist (VIDEO)

The University of Maryland marching band will no longer play the state song.

They say it’s racist.

The Maryland state song has ties to the Confederacy — so it must be eliminated.

This is part of the Democrat Party’s Cultural Revolution.

Could you imagine what they would do if they were in power?

CBS Local reported:


The University of Maryland’s marching band will no longer play “Maryland, My Maryland,” the official state song of Maryland, at school sporting events because of its ties to the Confederacy.

On Monday, the University of Maryland shared that its marching band has cut the Southern-leaning state song from its line-up. After the deadly rallies in Charlottesville, the controversial anthem will no longer be playing on the university’s campus at all.

The song is a nine-verse war poem, put to music. It was used as a pro-Confederate battle hymn and talks of spurning the “Northern scum.”

Click here for the full lyrics for “Maryland, My Maryland.”

“To be honest, I don’t even know what the tune is. I’d be more upset if they didn’t play the fight song, I think,” said University of Maryland student, Chris Rogers.

Democrats also say the Maryland State Motto is sexist.

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