Conservative Firebrand Laura Loomer Doxed – Death Threats Posted Online

In June conservative firebrand Laura Loomer made headlines this year when she interrupted the Central Park Shakespeare play celebrating President Trump’s murder.

Angry feral actors surrounded her on the stage with knives.

This upset the left. They don’t like it when conservatives interrupt their assassination porn.

Earlier this week Laura Loomer, Rebel Media journalist and former Project Veritas operative, was doxed online. Angry leftists doxed her by putting her private information online.


Then on Wednesday Laura reportedly had a tire to her car slashed in what appears to be a pretty clear act of vandalism.

Now this…
On Thursday night far left activists threatened Loomer by posting her address and included a death threat.

They want her dead.

If you speak out in support of President Trump — they want you dead.
The left is dangerous and out of control.

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