‘Comedian’ and Democrat Donor Sarah Silverman Makes Odd Joke About VP Pence’s Penis

In the wake of another shakeup at the White House, the always lewd and tasteless wannabe “comedian” Sarah Silverman tweeted an off-color joke about the Vice President’s genitals.

The Vice President tweeted out a simple but direct commentary on the recent events in Barcelona, stating:

“This latest attack shows us again that radical Islamic terrorism is one of the greatest threats we face today. #VPinPanama”

Pence’s response was measured and tempered and also addressed the real issue at hand with that particular incident.

Sarah Silverman, the dolt that she is, tweeted the following in response:

“I think what u mean is ur heart is with the victims. I also think-total guess-that you have a thumb 4 a peen BUT that it gets ROCK HARD”

Brainwashed and moronic as her agreeing audience is, they all jumped in to applaud Sarah’s bravery and eagerly awaited a ‘retweet’ or a ‘like’ since her audience’s lives are so finitely dictated by the approval of has-been, washed up, unfunny celebrities such as herself:

Silverman’s fans are just as delusional, arrogant, and self-righteously pious and unfunny as her:

What a zinger Andrew, maybe Sarah will reward you with a “good boy” like!

Somebody get this lady a writing gig at SNL.

These people are utterly pathetic and it’s embarrassing to think these people put their fingers to their screens, typed this, and pressed “tweet”.


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