CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Trump Won Because His Voters are Stupid, Racist, Misogynist, Gay-Hating Bigots (Video)

Democrats continue their campaign to win back the working class – By insulting them constantly

CNN plagiarizer and host Fareed Zararia previewed his special “Why Trump Won” on Monday with Wolf Blitzer.

Zakaria believes Trump supporters are “tribal” and uneducated tools.
Democrats believe they will insult their way back into office.

Fareed started out by accusing Trump voters of being old, racist, misogynist, gay hating bigots.


The sense of cultural alienation that an older, white non-college educated Americans have. The sense that the country is changing because of immigrants, because maybe blacks are rising up to a central place in society, because of gays being afforded equal rights, because of frankly a lot of working women…

Fareed followed this up by accusing Trump voters of being stupid.
“The election of Donald Trump is really a class rebellion on people like us.”

This liberal genius is too stupid to know not to insult the people you’re trying to sway.

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