CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gets Roasted on Twitter For Defending Antifa Violence

Very fake news CNN’s Chris Cuomo took to his Twitter account to defend Antifa protesters on Monday after some of the worst violence we have ever seen from the masked left-wing group of domestic terrorists in Berkeley over the weekend.

As previously reported, violence erupted in Berkeley, CA on Sunday as Antifa terrorists took to the streets and terrorized Trump supporters and innocent journalists attempting to capture footage of the protests.

An army of violent left-wing Antifa terrorists wearing all black, covering their faces with masks terrorized Trump supporters and chased them while trying to steal their phones and cameras. Police did not step in to stop the violence.

The violence was so shocking that even left-wing WaPo reported on it with a headline ‘Black-clad antifa attack peaceful right wing demonstrators in Berkeley’.


Dinesh D’Souza tweeted out the WaPo article saying, “Finally, as if by accident, the Washington Post breaks down and admits the truth about where the violence is coming from.” President Trump even retweeted D’Souza, acknowledging Antifa’s violence in Berkeley.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo just couldn’t help himself. He had to defend his little masked darlings who are the shock troops for the fake news media and the Democrat party. Cuomo tweeted, “But Antifa” over an article The Hill posted about a white nationalist who was arrested for shooting his gun at a black man during the Charlottesville protests.

Why can’t Chris Cuomo bring himself to condemn all political violence? Why can’t he condemn Antifa? Because he doesn’t believe in free speech for Trump supporters. He also pushes the false narrative that Trump supporters are Nazi’s.

Trump supporters roasted Cuomo:

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