Cardiff Officials Open Investigation After Billboard Is Hacked with Offensive Image of Magical Santa Pepe

Ultra-rare Magical Santa Pepe spotted in Cardiff

Internet pranksters were able to hack into the Cardiff City billboard recently.
The hackers posted offensive images of Pepe the Frog.
Via Reddit:

Pepe Santa

The hackers also posted a warning on Shariah law:

And a reminder that Big Brother is watching you at all times.

The city is going to investigate this infuriating scandal.
BBC reported:

Offensive images have been displayed on a Cardiff city centre billboard, prompting a police investigation.

Swastikas and far-right images were displayed on the Queen Street screen on Tuesday night after a hacker gained control and selected what was shown.

Writing in an anonymous online post, the hacker claimed there was a security vulnerability with the screens.

BlowUP media, which controls the billboard, has been contacted for comment.

South Wales Police said they had received a number of calls relating to the incident.

A spokesman added: “We alerted the city council and will investigate any crimes which may have been committed.”

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