You Can’t Make This Up=> DC Comics Creates Devout Muslim Superhero Called ‘Isis’

You Just Can’t Make This Up…
DC Comics created a devout Muslim character called “Isis.”

The heroine wears skimpy bikini tops — which would get her a good whooping in most Muslim countries.

While the first creation of D.C. Comic’s ISIS was in the 70s, their choice to bring this unpopular character back is in direct response to the election of President Donald Trump…

Well they do have a lot of potential readers.

Thanks to Barack Obama ISIS is operating in at least 17 countries today.


Newsarama reported:

DC Comics superhero Isis will be joining DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in its upcoming third season under her real name of Zari Adrianna Tomaz (played by Tala Ashe), and the fact that the character is a practicing Muslim is a choice show producer Marc Guggenheim said was made specifically in response to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump.

“You might have heard there was this election,” said Guggenheim during this week’s Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills (as quoted by Variety). “Not to get political, but something that we all gravitated toward in the writers room was making this character Muslim.”

“Representation is a really powerful thing,” added Ashe. “When I was growing up watching television, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me. When I think of the kid version of myself, I think it broadens your perspective. What I think is so lovely about this show is that the Legends are this tapestry that represent America today.”

The upcoming issues ought to be terrific.
Killing Christians.

Tossing gays from the top of buildings.

Beheading infidels.

Slaughtering concert goers.

They certainly have plenty of content available.

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