BUSTED: Anti-Trump Protester Hit in the Balls With Tear Gas Canister Arrested By PHX Police

The anti-Trump protester hit in the balls by a tear gas canister was arrested by Phoenix police.

Photo source in above tweet: AZ Family 

AZ Family reports:

Police said he’s still being interviewed and hasn’t been booked on any charges yet.

When 3TV/CBS 5 talked to him on Wednesday, he asked us not to use his name. Phoenix police haven’t identified him.

The man was caught on video, that has since gone viral, kicking a can of tear gas back at police officers. They returned the favor with a nonlethal round that hit him in the pelvic area and he went straight to the ground.

A man in a Colin Kaepernick jersey helped him out of the line of fire.

He spent Tuesday night in the emergency room for inhaling pepper spray and second-degree burns from picking up a hot can of tear gas.

The incident happened after police said protesters threw rocks, bottles and gas at them so they used tear gas and pepper balls to disperse the crowd.

Talk about a great shot! In an effort to disperse anti-Trump protesters, Phoenix police fired off pepper balls and tear gas canisters. Of course, many protesters, a large number of them Antfa, chose to defy the police’s orders. An Antifa member paid the price for failing to disperse, getting nailed in the balls by a tear gas canister. That’ll leave a mark!


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