Breaking: Trans Lives Matter Protesters Mowed Down by Car During St. Louis Street Rally

Transgender Kiwi Herring was shot dead by a St. Louis police officer this week after she cut the officer during a domestic disturbance call.

Kiwi Herring was the 19th transsexual killed this year.

She cut a police officer.
The officer shot her.

The left was very upset that Kiwi was shot dead.


On Wednesday there was a protest in the Grove neighborhood in St. Louis city.

The protesters stood in the middle of Chouteau and Manchester — two very busy streets in St. Louis.

A couple protesters got hit by a car because they wouldn’t get out of the street.
The driver in a Mercedes was arrested and taken into custody.

A white cis male plowed throught the protest mob in the street.

UPDATE: KSDK posted video of the incident.
The protesters hit the car with flag poles and fists.

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