BREAKING: Trump Hater Threatens to Shoot President at Austin Airport-Secret Service Investigating, “I Will Go Down in History Today”

The Secret Service is investigating claims by poster on Twitter that he plans to shoot President Donald Trump at the airport in Austin, Texas where Trump recently arrived for meetings at the Texas state capital on Hurricane Harvey. The person with the account name @BummyShiii, posted photos from the airport showing Air Force One on the tarmac and said in response to someone who commented he should shoot Trump that he “will go down in history today” and that he was not afraid of the Secret Service.

BummyShiii first posted about Trump’s visit on Monday, saying he wanted to “piss on his ass”.

“Our lame ass president is flying into the airport tom I hope I see him so I can piss on his ass”

Tuesday, BummyShiii posted commentary and photos from the airport.

“I’m standing by some trump supporter ladies at the airport waiting for Donald trump and I’m talking shit about him, LMAO THEY MAD AS HELL”

An account named @thayoung_Kris urged Bummy to shoot Trump, “Shot (sic) him when you see him(.) Take one for the team”

Bummy replied, “Say no more, I will go down in history today”

When cautioned about the Secret Service by @ANAL_Reef, “Chill secret service Finna pull up to ur crib, they take that shit serious,” Bummy posted a photo of Air Force One on the tarmac and said, “Secret services can suck my dick”

Bummy also posted a photo of vehicles on the tarmac with the caption, “They ain’t playing”

Screen images of @BummyShiii’s tweets in case they are deleted.

The Secret Service field office in Austin told the Gateway Pundit the agency is looking into the threat to President Trump.

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