Black Trump Supporter Calls Out CNN at Phoenix Rally: ‘You’re the Real Racists and Fascists!’ (VIDEO)

President Trump is holding a rally in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday evening and Trump supporters are already lined up at the convention center chanting, “Build the Wall!”.

A man holding up a ‘Blacks for Trump 2020’ sign stood next to a fellow Trump supporter identified as a ‘Puerto Rican for Trump’ who called out the white liberals in Hollywood and CNN as being the real racists and fascists at the Phoenix rally on Tuesday.

A black Trump supporter showed up to the Phoenix rally on Tuesday furious over the recent accusation by CNN and other Hollywood elitists who continue to call Trump a racist/white supremacist/fascist among other names following the Charlottesville violence.

The black Trump supporter said, “Hollywood media is white liberals! CNN is white liberals! You can’t patronize us because we support Trump! Ya’ll are the real racists! Ya’ll are the real fascists!”

The fake news media never shows the ‘Latinos for Trump’ or ‘Blacks for Trump’ who come to support Trump. Trump supporters come from all walks of life, yet the media constantly claims all Trump supporters are white supremacists.

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