Triggered Black Caucus Members Call on Government to Remove Statues and Mississippi Flag from US Capitol

The Black Caucus called on the federal government to remove any Confederate related statues from the Capitol. The Black Caucus also wants the Mississippi flag removed from the US Capitol because it reminds them of slavery.

History is very triggering for Democrats.

Democrats are on a jihad to remove Confederate and Democratic statues and symbols around the country that cause them pain.

The alt-left tore down a Confederate statue on Monday.

The Hill reported:


Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are reviving calls to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol following the violence at a white nationalist rally in Virginia…

… “We will never solve America’s race problem if we continue to honor traitors who fought against the United States in order to keep African-Americans in chains. By the way, thank god, they lost,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) told ABC News.

However, a CBC aide told The Hill that the group is not currently working on any legislative efforts, like resolutions or letters, on Confederate statues in the Capitol.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the sole African-American member of the Mississippi delegation, had demanded his state flag not be displayed due to its inclusion of the Confederate battle flag.

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