Atlanta Gym Owner: No Memberships Allowed to F*cking Police or Active Duty Military (Video)

Atlanta gym owner Jim Chambers says he wants a space where “people are safe” from police and military.

According to 11 Alive in Atlanta, Jim Chambers, owner of the EAV Gym, feels people don’t feel safe working out with military and police.

“We’ve had an explicitly stated ‘No Cop’ policy since we opened, and we also don’t open membership to active members of the military,” he said.

He says groups who work out there are generally minorities who are uncomfortable with the presence of law enforcement agents.

The liberal mantra that police are out to get minorities is getting very old!

The sign has since been taken down, however he says a new sign will soon be back up without the vulgarity.


“It was really just that the vulgarity in that sign, and that seems to bring it out for people

Not surprising, Chambers is an activist who feels that he needs his safe space.  Hopefully there won’t be a need for the police any time soon at his gym!

For Chambers, a lifelong political activist, the sign and policy is a political statement outside a multi-use space which serves as a gym, community gathering spot and meeting place for activists in the metro area.


Watch video:

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