Antifa Thug Hit by Tear Gas in Nutsack Now Faces Aggravated Assault Charges (VIDEO)

Talk about a great shot!
In an effort to disperse anti-Trump protesters, Phoenix police fired off several pepper balls and tear gas canisters after the rally on Tuesday.

Of course, many protesters, a large number of them Antifa, chose to defy the police orders. One Antifa member paid the ultimate price for failing to obey police orders. After kicking a tear gas canister back at police the violent far left protester got nailed in the balls by tear gas.

That left a mark!

The video went viral.

Now this…
The far left protester in the video now faces charges for aggravated assault on police.
Via Reddit The Donald:

Joshua Stuart Cobin from Scottsdale was arrested and booked on three felony counts on Thursday night.


Via AZFamily:

The man seen in the 3TV/CBS 5 video getting hit with a non-lethal round after kicking a gas canister at officers was booked into jail Thursday night on four criminal charges, Phoenix police announced.

Joshua Stuart Cobin, 29, from Scottsdale, was booked on three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor count of unlawful assembly.

According to Cobin’s court documents, police state that he after he tried to kick the smoking canister at police, he it up and threw it at them.

Police go on to say in the documents that he later picked up a second smoking canister and threw that one at police as well, hence the three charges of aggravated assault.

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