Angela Merkel: Germany May Not Side with USA in War Against North Korea

In January 2014 North Korean communist tyrant Kim Jong Un reportedly had his uncle Jang Song Thaek stripped naked and eaten alive by 120 ravenous dogs.

In February 2017 Kim Jong Un ordered a hit on his half-brother. Kim Jong-nam was attacked at the Malaysian airport by North Korean operatives and killed by poison needles.

On Wednesday Angela Merkel told reporters Germany would not necessarily side with America in a war on North Korea(?)

The Iranian regime’s Press TV reported:

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has warned the United States that Berlin would not necessarily take the side of Washington in a potential war against North Korea, saying the two sides of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula had better seek a diplomatic solution and avoid direct military confrontation.

If a military conflict erupts between the United States and North Korea, Merkel said on Wednesday, Germany would not automatically take the side of Washington. Berlin and other members of the European Union are in favor of a peaceful solution, she added.

Merkel said resorting to military action to overcome the standoff between the United States and North Korea was absolutely wrong. She urged the international community to do more to resolve the crisis.

“We should do more … We cannot simply insist on a diplomatic solution while we sit and do nothing,” she said at an event organized by the Handelsblatt business daily.

Much to the dismay of Washington and its allies in Asia, North Korea tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) last month to show its military capability to target the mainland United States.

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