ALT-LEFT THUGS Vandalize Catholic St. Junipero Serra Statue in Los Angeles with Red Paint and Swastika (VIDEO)

Amid the Democrat Party’s nationwide jihad against US history and culture the statue of St. Junipero Serra was vandalized in California this week.

Alt-left vandals spray-painted the saint’s statue red with “murder” written in white letters.

In 2015 Alt-left vandals spray-painted and toppled St. Serra’s statue days after he was named a Catholic saint by Pope Francis.

This is how the far left operates today.

If you disagree with their failed agenda they beat you and destroy your property.

Catholic News Agency reported:


A statue of St. Junipero Serra in a Los Angeles public park appeared to have been vandalized last week in a time of national debate about historical statues.

The statue portrays the Franciscan friar in a favorable light, with his arm on the shoulder of an indigenous child. The park is across the street from the Mission San Fernando in Mission Hills community of Los Angeles. The mission was founded by Fr. Fermin Lasuen, another Franciscan, in 1797.

A picture of the statue was circulated on social media, showing it spray-painted red with the word “murder” written on the priest in white.

City officials did not confirm to Los Angeles news station CBS2 that the photo was authentic or that the statue was cleaned. However, a CBS2 reporter at the scene said there was red paint on the arm of the priest’s statue and a swastika on the statue of the child.

St. Junipero, a Franciscan missionary from Spain, founded nine Catholic missions in California in the late 1700s. His missions helped convert many native Californians to Christianity and taught them new technologies.

Most of the missions he founded would go on to become the centers of major cities in the state, as did other Franciscan-founded missions. The priest carried on his work despite a painful wound to his leg.

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