Alt-Left Mob Steals Independent Journalist’s Phone, Accuse Him of Being a Nazi (VIDEO)

An independent journalist who showed up Saturday to capture footage of the protests in San Francisco was mistaken for a Trump Supporter by the alt-left mob so they stole his phone.

The Oregon-based Patriot Prayer group decided to cancel their free speech rally planned for Saturday due to fears left-wing Antifa terrorists were going to show up and cause a violent brawl. The left celebrated with a ‘counter-protest’ and saw the cancellation as a ‘victory’. 

Antifa still decided to show up and their press conference in Alamo Square Park was cut short.

Antifa members stole the phone from Nathan Stolpman who reports at ‘Lft the Veil’ Channel during the violence.

Apparently being a white man who is wearing a polo shirt is a signal to the hateful, violent mob on the left that a person is a Nazi and literally worse than Hitler.

Nathan is hoping someone will return his phone to him.

We are in perilous times when a mob of people think they can steal from, punch, kick and try to kill another person just because they support President Trump or if they look like they support Trump.

Watch this man plea with alt-left protesters in an effort to retrieve his phone. At one point he has to tell everyone that he’s not a Nazi and that he loves everyone.

Alt-left protesters even broke through a fence, making their way to Alamo Square Park where the Patriot Prayer group was:

Video via Brian Neumann Twitter

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