Alan Dershowitz Defies Democrats: I’m Against Destroying Art and Statues “We’re Not the Taliban. We’re Not Stalin” (VIDEO)

Attorney and author Alan Dershowitz condemned the Democratic Party’s jihad against Confederate statues and historic monuments.

Dershowitz has defied the radical Democrats of late and their destructive behavior.

Alan Dershowitz: The debate about the statues is a very, very important and reasonable debate. We have to use it as an opportunity to educate our young people. Some of the statues were put up for very good and legitimate reasons. Others, not so much and maybe they should be moved to museums to where they can be explained to young students. I’m categorically against destroying any piece of art, any statue. We’re not the Taliban. We’re not Stalin. We don’t go around just destroying statues we disagree with. Some of the people who are trying to destroy statues are trying to destroy America.

The Taliban and ISIS are famous for destroying historic monuments.

Likewise Democrats are destroying historic markers today.
They won’t stop until Washington DC is renamed for Social Justice Warrior.


Via Fox Business Network:

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