WOW: Wife DIVORCING State Attorney Who Prosecuted Corey Lewandowski Over Her Husband’s Hostility Towards Trump!

Well – this should shock nobody.

Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg is now in the middle of a divorce. The grounds for the divorce? His wife says that she supports President Donald Trump and her husband is adamantly against the President.

While Lynn Aronberg is quoted as saying the divorce is currently going “amicably”, she has expressed that she is a “staunch Republican and supporter of President Trump,” while Dave Aronberg is quite the opposite. Ms. Aronberg explained that her husband’s hostility towards President Trump caused her to feel “increasingly isolated in the marriage” to him. Later, she described her decision to split as a “Trump Divorce.”


The divorce also comes at the heels of Dave Aronberg currently considering a run for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Chuck Johnson of GotNews originally brought this story to our attention. It was reported originally in KOMONews. While KOMO does admit that Aronberg political differences are what is leading to the divorce, they conveniently leave out HOW DEEP those differences actually run.

Dave Aronberg is the same man who tried to prosecute former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on bogus chargers before ultimately dropping the case!

Ultimately, Aronberg was unable to push the bogus chargers against Lewandowski and ultimately admitting that they had no proof to back up the chargers: “We have the burden of proving each case beyond a reasonable doubt. In doing so, a prosecutor must have a good-faith basis that the evidence presented will sustain a conviction.

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