VIRAL VIDEO: Hilarious Students Savagely Troll Their Anti-Trump Teacher

Dank Trump Memes posted a viral video to Facebook on Tuesday of a group of students savagely trolling their anti-Trump teacher. The identity of the teacher and school are unknown. The video is absolutely hilarious!

The teacher begins the video telling viewers that her students are pro-Trump, and then proceeded to show off signs of President Trump that read “Obama you’re fired” and “Make America Great Again.”

The students then poke fun at the teacher wrapping a face mask with bucked teeth around a computer screen. Next, the teacher shows off the 2016 presidential elector map, showing Trump beating Clinton in a landslide. She complains how students keep reminding her that she’s from a red state.

The teacher then turns her attention to a list of campaign promises made by Trump, suggesting her students are trolling her because they’re racist.


A fellow teacher then invites her to see the paper border wall ‘erected’ by students.

Towards the end of the video the teacher says she makes “no apology” for showing up to her student’s graduation ceremony.

“I don’t like those kids, they are mad disrespectful,” she complains.

The video concludes with the teacher threatening to take pictures of all the signs and post them to a teacher’s forum.

Maybe there’s still hope for our youth?


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