VIDEO: New York Tornadoes ‘Shake House’ and Send Cars Flying Through the Air

Thursday, two tornadoes hit the state of New York and destroyed property all across the Hamburg area with homes shaking and cars being lifted into the air.

Sam Wright, who owns a house in the town of Hamburg, commented to WGRZ, “Out of nowhere, all the vision out of the window was erased. It was white, just pure white, and the house started to shake.”

The tornado lasted just about 20 seconds and struck at 12:30 PM local time. Another tornado hit the nearby town of Holland just 19 miles away, according to the National Weather Service of Buffalo.

Two sister tornados. We hardly ever get these here! Lots of destruction.

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Winds were estimated to be over 100 MPH throughout the storm.


Well the new fence lasted three weeks #tornado #homeownerproblems #hamburg

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