Twitter Users LIGHT UP Shepard Smith After He Accuses Trump White House of “Lie After Lie”

Fox News host Shepard Smith bashed the Trump White House saying that it is offering up “lie after lie”, but supporters of the president were quick to jump down his throat for his disdain of POTUS.

Smith left colleague Chris Wallace “speechless” Friday afternoon during the live segment when he was covering a late-breaking update stating that at least eight individuals attended the June 2016 meeting between the Russian attorney and Donald Trump Jr.

Smith turned to his colleague and said, “We’re still not clean on this, Chris.”

Smith then went on to say:

“Why all these lies? Why is it lie after lie after lie? If you [are] clean, come on clean . . . The deception, Chris, is mind-boggling, and there are still people out there who believe we’re making it up — and one day they’re going to realize we’re not.”

Twitter then LIT UP Smith and called him out for his #NeverTrump position. When Shepard Smith is on Fox News, it becomes CNN. Check out what Twitter’s response was below:


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