Tucker Carlson SLAMS Mueller Probe “Mission Creep”; “Massive Threat to the White House” (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed the Mueller investigation Friday evening in his monologue. Tucker called the Mueller probe a “mission creep” and a massive threat to the White House.

Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel due to a plot that fired FBI Director Comey hatched when he leaked the contents of his memos to the press through a friend. This entire investigation is a witch hunt and a sham and it needs to end.

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton has repeatedly called the Mueller probe ‘out of control’ and ‘unconstitutional’. Fitton also said that this probe is merely a way to jail Trump and his family members.

Tucker Carlson was appalled by the new report that just came out which revealed Mueller’s ‘Russia probe’ has now magically expanded to President Trump’s real estate dealings going back a decade…when George W. Bush was the president.

So an unsupervised gang of radical left-wing lawyers with an unlimited budget are allowed to look at Trump’s financial dealings from 2008 to see if he colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election? Sounds legit.

“What are these transactions? Basically any commercial activity that Trump or his family and associates conducted over the last decade that might pertain to Russia or anyone who has ever lived in Russia,” Tucker said.

The investigation even expands to the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013.

Tucker went on to say that the investigation is delving into a sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian man back in 2008. That’s right! A PRIVATE sale of a home to a Russian man 9 years ago.

“Let’s be clear about the politics here. This is a MASSIVE threat to the White House,” Tucker continued. “A determined prosecutor can prove almost anything he wants. A prosecutor with no time limit or budget or accountability to voters? There is nobody more dangerous than that!”

Tucker closed his monologue by saying that the voters chose Trump as their president, however; the permanent ruling class in D.C. see Trump as a terrifying threat which is why they are doing everything they can to push him out.

Video via iBankCoin:

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