Trump: Everyone at G20 Talking About Why Podesta Refused to Give DNC Server to FBI “Disgraceful!”

Hamburg, Germany – President Trump tweeted on Friday that everyone at the G20 summit was talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA.

The DNC rejected help from the DHS following Russian hacks into its computer systems during the 2016 election cycle, according to former DHS chief Jeh Johnson.

As TGP previously reported, the DNC refused to hand over their servers to the FBI and CIA. Trey Gowdy destroyed former DHS chief, Jeh Johnson during his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in late June.


Former DHS chief under Obama, Jeh Johnson said that the DNC, to his ‘disappointment,’ did not cooperate with DHS to respond to the hacks.

Trey Gowdy: “If they had turned the server over to either you or Director Comey, maybe we would have known more and maybe there would have been more for you to report. So I guess what I’m asking you is, why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the Intelligence community or to law enforcement?”

Former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused former DHS chief Jeh Johnson of lying under oath when he claimed the DNC refused the help of the FBI and DHS after their computer systems were invaded.


John Podesta was triggered by President Trump’s tweet and unleashed a tweetstorm. Perhaps Podesta should have used a better password to protect his emails because ‘[email protected]’ isn’t exactly secure. Podesta fell for a phishing scam and these guys wanted to run the country?


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