Top Trump Advisor: “I Never Even Heard the Word Russia” During the Campaign (VIDEO)

President Trump’s former top advisor during the 2016 presidential election, Michael Caputo testified in front of a closed-door House Intelligence panel Friday.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Michael Caputo, a communications adviser for many months during the Trump campaign, testified for three plus hours before the House Intelligence Committee Friday afternoon, and said in his opinion the Russia scandal comes down to two words: “collusion delusion.”

“I completely believe there was no collusion in the Trump campaign, but all I can do is speak for myself and the people I’m close with,” Caputo told the Washington Examinerafter his testimony, characterizing the overall hearing as a “fishing expedition.”

“The problem we have is the Democrats have no interest in ending these investigations. They’re looking to extend this as long as possible because they’re successfully stopping Donald Trump from implementing his agenda. He may have won the election, but they have won the first year of his presidency — the most important year of a presidency,” he added later.

Caputo spoke to the media after his several hour long testimony to the House Intelligence Committee. Caputo said he never even heard the word Russia on the campaign trail. Of course he didn’t. This Russia hoax is completely made up out of thin air by the Democrats as an excuse for Hillary losing the election because she’s a horrible candidate.


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