Southern Syria Truce Brokered by Trump and Putin to Calm Jordan, Ease Israeli Fears Regarding Iran

A truce for southern Syria, which was brokered by the U.S. and Russia, is intended to help calm the nerves of neighboring nation Jordan while also easing the mind of Israel regarding Iranian military ambitions in the region.

Fears are currently growing about Iran’s potential plan to setup a longterm and disruptive presence in the region. Israel, along with other allied nations, first noticed the potential for Iran to setup a foothold in the region through the movement of Shi’a Muslim militia units, which are loyal to Tehran, toward the border that Jordan shares with Syria, as well as other strategic areas in the southeast, near where the two nations touch Iraq.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s recent push to regain territories taken by rebel groups, some of which are backed by Western forces, will pit him against Islamic State militants in the southeast.

The AP reports:


But Syria’s neighbors suspect that Iran is pursuing a broader agenda, including carving out a land route through Syria that would create a territorial continuum from Iran and Iraq to Lebanon.

The cease-fire for southern Syria, set to start at noon Sunday, is meant to keep all forces pinned to their current positions, said Jordan’s government which participated in the talks.

This would prevent further advances by forces under Iran’s command, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia.

The truce is to be monitored through satellite and drone images as well as observers on the ground, a senior Jordanian official said Saturday, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss details with reporters. Syria ally Russia is to deploy military police in the area.

Information on truce compliance could be shared and discussed in different locations, including Jordan, the official said. Israel did not participate in the truce talks, but was presumably briefed by the U.S., the Jordanian official said.

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