TOO FAR? ‘Funny or Die’ Creates Disgusting Misogynistic Hit Piece on Kellyanne Conway

Funny or Die is a far left “comedy” video website that regularly takes swipes at conservatives and Republican figures.

Today Funny or Die launched a particularly vicious hit piece on Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to break the glass ceiling and successfully run a presidential campaign.

If Kellyanne was a Democrat she would be celebrated on every cable channel and featured on the cover of every prominent US magazine. But she’s a brilliant Republican – so she gets attacked constantly and mercilessly.

The Funny or Die people dedicated an entire website on their new project “The Kellyanne Conway Story.”


The first video was released this week shows the “First Look” at their hit piece on Conway.

The segment is filled with misogynistic and hateful attacks on Kellyanne Conway and President Trump. The video mocks Melania Trump’s accent and Mike Pence’s Christian faith- because poking fun of Christians is ‘funny.’

But it’s OK because they are all Republicans.

They even include a make out scene with the Trump and Kellyanne characters in the video.

The ‘producers’ statement’ includes attacks on blond white women… Because trashing white women is funny:


Kellyanne Conway is the single most fascinating woman in American history. Beautiful, blonde, articulate — it’s no wonder Donald Trump chose her to helm his incredibly successful presidential campaign. Our production company is committed to making the voices of blonde, white women heard. It’s incredibly difficult to tell the story of a woman that is as entertaining as a story about a man, but we are tremendously proud of the work we did with The Kellyanne Conway Story.

It will be interesting to see if the snowflakes and feminists come out and denounce this anti-woman, racist hit piece.

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