Sean Hannity Unleashes on “Liberal Jacka$$” WaPo Writer For Saying “Kill Fox & Friends”

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has been hammering WaPo writer, Erik Wemple over his call to ‘kill Fox & Friends’ in an article he penned July 10th. 

Hannity unleashed a tweetstorm on the Washington Post writer, calling him a disgrace.

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post wrote and article titled, “Kill Fox & Friends Before it’s Too Late”:

Again, “Fox & Friends” and Trump prove what a noxious combination they’ve become. The former churns out questionable information or mere pro-Trump cheerleading, and the latter amplifies it. Thus far, this symbiosis has clarified just what “Fox & Friends” is — a propaganda mill — and the type of media coverage the president fancies — straight-up sycophancy.

Wemple concludes in his garbage piece:

Left to its own devices, “Fox & Friends” could do far more damage, unless it’s killed.

WaPo has a lot of nerve claiming Fox & Friends is doing damage after they are the ones who are being given classified information by a leaker(s) in the White House with top security clearance.

Hannity unleashed on the WaPo writer immediately after the article was published calling Wemple a disgrace.


Hannity unleashed on Erik Wemple again July 12th

Hey Mr @washingtonpost “FAKE NEWS” it’s called “Fair and Balanced”. When are you going to apologize for saying “Kill Fox &Friends? Jackass!!

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) July 12, 2017

Once again Hannity attacked Wemple on Twitter and his followers joined in:


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