Sally Kohn Has Epic Meltdown After Trump Supporter Defends Trump’s Anti-CNN Tweet (VIDEO)

A CNN panel had a complete meltdown on Sunday when a Trump supporter defended the President’s anti-CNN tweet as a ‘tongue-in-cheek, satirical video’. Sally Kohn looked like she was in dire need of a visit to a therapist after this discussion.

President Trump sent out an incendiary tweet attacking CNN following the damning undercover videos James O’Keefe released showing that CNN pushes Trump-Russia stories for ‘ratings’. Even high-profile left-wing commentator, Van Jones thinks the Russia story is a “nothing burger”.

When asked about Trump’s ‘CNN smackdown tweet’ on Sunday, conservative commentator, Kayleigh McEnany responded by saying, “I think it was intended as a tongue-in-cheek, satirical video–nothing serious and it might have made some people in his space laugh.


Sally Kohn already started to meltdown as she put her head in her hands.

Kayleigh McEnany continued to hammer the fake news media and brought up ANOTHER ‘clarification’ on a fake news story that AP was forced to make on Friday.

Sally Kohn could hardly contain herself as she responded. “I actually can’t believe that this is happening. But, um, it was Donald Trump who said Barack Obama wasn’t a citizen of this country. It was Republicans who said he had a Kenyan-colonialist mindset that literally questioned his legitimacy to even be in the White House.”

Kohn continued to breakdown as she screamed, “I can’t believe you can defend this! I mean, really?”

“Is there, is there–so my question is there no line? Like, if that had been a picture not of a CNN logo, but it had been Jake Tapper’s head he was punching, would that cross a line for you? What if it was a picture of Donald Trump holding a bloodied CNN logo up? When does it cross the line?!”

You mean like your pal Kathy Griffin holding up Trump’s severed head in the name of art? Or the Trump assassination play which is just a reenactment of Julius Caesar?

Hey, Sally, did you approve of Hussein Obama when he told a Philadelphia crowd, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!”?

It took CNN over a day to cut their contract with Kathy Griffin after her Trump beheading stunt. But this is just art, right?

Trump assassination fetish in the park sponsored by left-wing media is okay as long as it’s Trump being targeted, but God forbid he hit back with a funny wrestling tweet…

Snoop Dogg can make a rap video turning Trump into a clown and shooting him in the head, but no biggie, it’s all good! Right, Sally Kohn and CNN?

Sally Kohn can’t handle the truth. She also attacked TGP after we exposed Sharia law advocate, Linda Sarsour. Kohn, an out-of-the-closet lesbian, touts Sharia law as ‘progressive’ and often attacks Christians for being anti-gay. Christians aren’t tossing gays off of buildings, Sharia law abiding Muslims are. Those darn pesky facts!

The faux outrage from the left over Trump’s tweet is actually a funny thing to watch. They can’t control President Trump and their ratings continue to fall as more and more Americans wake up.


H/T The Blaze

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