SAD: Liberal Snowflake Artist Uses Unused Election Night Confetti From Hillary in Art Exhibit

A sad liberal snowflake artist based out of St. Louis debuted an art project based around the unused decorations of failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton with a corny Maya Angelou quote.

The confetti from what was going to be Hillary Clinton’s victory party will flutter 24 hours a day inside the window of the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis behind the phrase “And Still I Rise”, which is taken from the title of a mawkish Maya Angelou poem.

Bunny Burson, who, since launching the exhibit, continues to receive lavish praise from liberal media outlets like CNN, says she wanted to encourage young women to “break their own glass ceiling” and persevere after the embarrassing Hillary Clinton loss.

Speaking to CNN, Burson commented:

“I want women and little girls to just don’t feel defeated by this . . . Keep going. Keep fighting.”

This lunatic volunteered for Clinton’s campaign and was desperate to find the decorations for this exhibit following Clinton’s loss. Speaking on the failed presidential candidate, Burson commented:

“Hillary Clinton has been a beacon for me really as a woman . . . That’s really where I thought that this was going, to be the election of all elections to inspire women.”


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