Amid WH Efforts to Dismiss Russia Media Hysteria, Kushner Adds 100+ Names To FBI Contact List

Reports are emerging that Senior Trump Advisor, Jared Kushner, has added more than 100 names to his list of contacts made throughout the campaign and transition on his FBI clearance form. This news comes in the wake of the media firestorm surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, which has dominated this week’s news cycle. This move adds fuel to the media concocted fire that the Trump administration ha been withholding information about Russian contacts.

Since the April New York Times report that Kushner failed to disclose his meeting with Russian banker and Putin confidant, Sergey Gorkov, Kushner has updated his list of contacts submitted to the FBI three times, adding over 100 names, according to a new Business Insider report.

The Daily Mail reported earlier that Kushner kept a low profile at the Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, which he and Ivanka attended today.

“[Ivanka] spent the better part of the break between sessions with her husband, however, who seemed to be avoiding the press and photographers by hiding behind a statue on the campus. Ivanka could be seen walking over to Jared while he looked to be having a stern conversation,” Daily Mail reported.

This news comes as questions swirl as to how the Times obtained knowledge of Junior’s meeting with Veselnitskaya, and more disturbingly, how the Times received advanced copies of his emails.

Trump confidant, Roger Stone, gave a lecture to a Young Republicans gathering at the Capitol Hill Club, earlier this week. One participant pressed him on the identity of the leaker in this particular story, to which he finally conceded the individual’s initials, “J.K.,” according to the Independent Journal Review.

There are three senior level staffers with these initials, however, only one of those individuals was indisputably aware of that meeting. Kushner was present for the first part, although, Junior mentioned in his Tuesday Hannity interview, that Kushner walked out after 5 to 10 minutes of listening to Veselnitskaya and realizing the invitation to the gathering was deceptive.

“[Goldstone] sort of goosed up, he built up, there was some puffery to the email. Perhaps to get the meeting, to make it happen. In the end, there was probably some bait and switch about what it was really supposed to be about,” Don Junior told Sean Hannity. “I think it became pretty apparent to Jared and Paul. I think Jared left after a few minutes.”

This would not be the first time since Trump’s inauguration that Kushner was accused of dubious behavior, as reports surfaced within the last few months of him leaking to MSNBC in an attempt to damage Steve Bannon.

Kushner has included Veselnitskaya, as one of the hundred other meetings detailed in his updated FBI list.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A few details in this story were not verifiable, including the validity of Stone’s allegation. This is a building story and we will update as new facts emerge.


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