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Monday, January 27, 2020
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RUMBLINGS: Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Will RETIRE ‘Any Minute Now’ (VIDEO)

Former Trump campaign manager Roger Stone was one of this year’s main attractions at Politicon. The political legend broached a variety of topics, and in true Stone fashion, did not hold back. Most interestingly, Stone said Justice Kennedy’s retirement will come ‘at any minute now.’

ROGER STONE: [President Trump] did very successfully get a Supreme Court Justice confirmed. He’s about to get another seat, because I think Justice Kennedy will resign any minute now. I’m a man with sources. I’ve said this previously at My sources tell me, and they’re pretty good, tell me that Justice Kennedy’s resignation is imminent – sometime in the next few weeks.

Here’s more from Stone’s fireside chat.

Fox News reports:

During a session titled “Weed Nation,” Stone threw verbal bombs at the Trump administration, accusing it of wanting to “re-fire up the war on drugs.”

But during a separate session on Watergate — which was really about the Trump-Russia probe – Stone seemed more ready to defend the president and his team.

For example, Stone said there was one key difference between the scandal that brought down Richard Nixon and the current media frenzy surrounding the White House.

“Watergate started with a crime,” Stone said, referring to the burglary that launched the case. But he said he saw no evidence of crime in contacts between Trump’s team and Russians.

In fact, Stone said he saw more parallels between the Nixon era and the Obama years than between Nixon and Trump, asserting the Obama administration had conducted surveillance on “tens of thousands” of Americans.

He also said the charge that Russians had hacked computers of the Democratic National Committee was “entirely unproven.”

Stone was the first to break that General Kelly was being considered to replace Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff.

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