Rep Scalise moved out of ICU; Liberals are still hoping for a speedy death

Reasonable Americans are hoping that Rep. Steve Scalise recovers from his wounds and is able to return home to his family. Violence against anyone should never be tolerated, and we as a people should be standing together condemning such acts against our citizens.

Unless of course, you really want Rep. Scalise to die.

When it comes to liberals, the only people that even have a chance of receiving any kind of support are those that say and do what they are told. The exact opposite of Rep. Scalise. A difference of opinions and viewpoints apparently is enough to have the left hoping you receive an expedited trip to the great beyond. Some want the man dead so bad that it actually irritates them.

Right now is a shameful time to be a liberal. Not because conservatives have finally taken command of an unremarkable Washington government headed south, but because of the voices at the forefront of liberal advocacy. The very people tasked with being champions of thought on the left are the ones railroading them. Quite literally, being a liberal today means that you don’t mind burning a few flags, you absolutely live for the humiliation of those who disagree with you, and you actively encourage men you don’t like to die. This isn’t true of all liberals, just the ones who choose to be involved in the conversation.

The president has stated that he wanted to see the country becomes closer in the aftermath of the shooting, hoping that the desire for unity, peace, and safety would outshine the negativity aimed at this administration and the people that support it. Liberals, however, have no tolerance for peace, especially not with conservatives, and when an elected official who has never strayed from his positions is taken down, they don’t hold hands and sing Kumbaya. They tell him he got exactly what he deserved. Tell us all again how the left has progressed leaps and bounds more in regards to tolerance?


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