President Trump Calls Comey’s Leaking “So Illegal”… Is Prison in His Future?

Former FBI Directed James Comey exploded back into the news Sunday evening, following reports the FBI Director’s memos include classified information.

The report contradicts Comey’s testimony to Congress back in June, when the embattled swamp creature told Senator Blunt that his memos about President Trump weren’t ‘government documents.

It looks like James Comey committed at least two felonies. Comey perjured himself during Senate testimony and he leaked classified information.

On Monday President Donald Trump tweeted on James Comey.
The US president described Comey’s actions as “very illegal.”


President Trump also tweeted out a video report on Comey’s criminal activity.

It looks like Comey’s tricks backfired and the former FBI Director may be facing prison time.

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