POTUS Trump on Social Media: ‘They Want to Take Away My Voice’

Tuesday, a new and unique interview with President Trump was published wherein he said he’s not going to stop “tweeting” – he will stay the course and continue using the platform, of course.

In a conversation with the New York Times Magazine’s Mark Leibovich, President Trump described his Twitter account as his “voice”. In truth, the social media platform affords the President a level of openness and flexibility, in terms of directly reaching the people directly. He otherwise would not be able to achieve this if put through the rigor and screening of White House press officials.

At any moment, the President can send out a tweet and inform anyone in the world with an Internet connection how he feels, or what his next big move is.

When a “scandal” hits, usually created by the MSM, the President can jump onto Twitter and correct the record.

“They want to take away my voice,” the President commented to Leibovich. “They’re not going to take away my social media.

Leibovich, in his interview with the President, commented that the President should keep on tweeting as his tweets are “far more illuminating” than what the White House press team can put together.

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